Ree Scales

People & Development Manager | Mother Kelly’s

Ree moved from Bury St Edmunds to London in 2015  looking for new opportunities and started working at Mother Kelly’s as a bartender in Paradise Row.


Warm-hearted, cool headed and inclusive Ree has grafted hard and worked her way up the ranks so she knows how it is for the people that she employs!


Ree is an integral part of Mother Kelly’s family and the growth of their business; employing staff across seven London sites.


What does your business do?


We champion independent breweries and sell the finest craft beer from across the world. It’s our aim to help make the indie beer scene an inclusive and nurturing environment for all those who enter it.


One thing that lockdown has taught me….


…is how fantastic our team is and how caring and supportive this industry and neighbourhood are. There’s been lots of acceptance, understanding, patience, advice and kindness from everyone. I feel very fortunate to work alongside so many good eggs. ❤


Personally, the importance of taking time for myself. Pausing, exercising, getting fresh air, eating plenty of healthy food (but not denying myself treats) and making sure I get 8 hours sleep each night.

It’s made me appreciate my friends even more and made me really miss Sunday pub roasts at The Axe in Stoke Newington Walthstow’s Queens Arms  and The Mermaid in Clapton.


If I was going to choose some of my favourite London products and places….


….it would have to be the finest sourdough loaf from Bethnal Green’s Breid Bakers -I’ve been enjoying Millers’ bread for a few years and it’s heavenly!


Breakfast and my daily dose of sunshine The Beehive just steps from Mother Kelly’s E2.


Coffee from Second Shot Julius is an inspiring entrepreneur with a huge heart for helping others- why wouldn’t you pay it forward with him (*you can pay in advance for coffee and meals for rough sleeps in Bethnal Green)

A bottle of vino from Binch London – This gorgeous bar is a hidden Hackney gem and owner Sylvain is a great mate, most excellent host and purveyor of delicious booze.


Beers from All Good Beer and Exale Brewing. All Good Beer because owners Elliott and Libby are off the chart incredible friends, business owners, hosts and beer experts. Exale because co-founder Mark helped make this city a much friendlier place when I first arrived, the brewery is just up the road from me in Walthamstow and the beer is delish ??

Ree’s favourite London products & places

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