Ben Duckworth

Co-founder | Affinity Brewing Co

Ben got together with his good friend Steve Grae (at the time a brewer at Brew by Numbers) and in 2016 they founded Affinity Brew Co.


They started the brewery in a container in Seven Sister (housed in the yeard at  club, bar and kitchen Five Miles.  But as soon as they grew, moved into their railway arch, on the famous Bermondsey’s Beer Mile close to Maltby Street Market where they’ve been able to accommodate a tasting space and attract the captive beer and foodie audience.


What would you say about the beer that you make?


We make balanced, drinkable beers that you would proudly take home to meet your mum.


Some of my favourite Larder items and local producers….


Pecorino cheese goes very well with risotto rice. Risotto could not exist without it! So many different things to do with it. I grab mine from Middle Lane Market one of my favourite shops in N8 that sells high quality and sustainable food & drink products and essentials.


Scandi Kitchen cinnamon buns. The essential pairing for the 11a.m with Dark Arts Coffee FTW!


My business partner Steve’s homemade chilli sauce. Amazing balance and perfect level of fire…I think he may make a fortune out of this someday!

Ben’s favourite London products & places

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