Gabriele Bertucci

Beer Sommelier | Host & curator of digital beer stream, What’s In The Glass?

Gabriele Bertucci is a London based Beer Sommerlier with 10 years international beer experience in events, training and tastings.


Enthusiastic and passionate about all things beer, Gabriele is a well-known and loved figure in the beer industry.


You may recognise him from Mother Kelly’s, Clapton Craft, Ora Brewing or London Fields, or been lucky enough to attended one one of his events or meet him at major beer festival!


In lock down, Gabriele has launched the popular digital beer stream What’s in the Glass? where he continues to connect with like-minded souls from across the beer world. Join him and share a beer with him at 6pm every Tuesday – Friday on Instagram Live!


What do you love about the beer industry?


Beer has a social side: you’re not there just for the beer, but there because of the beer. The industry is enthusiastic, helpful, and its members are well-connected. This is a very “social” industry; the liquid helps a lot to keep it cool. With a handful of simple ingredients, you can create something that most people love and can enjoy!

You can observe, listen, learn, and amplify any voices in this community… the fact that everyone is equal is essential for beer, and society at large, to thrive! You can promote equality and social justice throughout drinks and related contents.


One thing that lock-down has taught me….


….is that many people are facing periods of struggle, right now. More than usual. Social distancing and self-isolation has been a challenge for all of us. While we know it hurts health, we don’t know much about the effects compulsory (possibly prolonged) social isolation could have.

In the last months, we have seen increased loneliness in every community. While we can’t replace the value of face-to-face interactions, we need to be flexible and think creatively in these circumstances – staying connected is vital.

Take considered action and be creative to see how you can help to minimise the social and psychological effects of these strange times we are living. Let’s meet (even digitally), let’s speak to each other again, let’s understand what the matters are and let’s find each other still.


If I was going to choose some of my favourite local products & places….


Kimchi from Harringay’s Kim Kong Kimchi who make monstrously good, lacto-fermented pickled vegetables. Every jar is a spicy/sour unpasteurised party of lactic acid bacteria and loaded with good stuff. It’s raw, vegan, unpasteurised, and locally made, but most importantly, it tastes fantastic!


Holloway’s Bread By Bike award-winning sourdough bakery in North London. Hippie Bread is a must…an all-natural blend of organic wheat and rye flour fermented for 48 hours and packed with pumpkin, sunflower, flax and poppy seeds.


Hackney based I AM NUT OK  I highly recommend their Smoky Charcoal signature cheese – a bold, smoky cashew cheese ripened in a coat of activated coconut charcoal ash it also features a gorgeous black vein running down the centre.


Soffles natural pitta chips are made in Tottenham with fresh ingredients then oven roasted with olive oil until crunchy. The proper beer snack, especially great with dips! I’m in love with the Rosemary & Thyme ones….I can’t stop eating them!


Ora Brewing in Tottenham, dedicated to creating beers that marry the quality of the finest Italian ingredients with contemporary beer styles. Try their new series in tribute to Divine Comedy, a poem by Dante Alighieri. Cerbero Tiramisu Stout (5.6 %) sweet & bitter, vanilla pods contrasted with darkly robust espresso and sharpness of cocoa powder with delicate creaminess.

Gabriele’s favourite London products

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