Mauritz Borg

Taproom Manager | The Kernel Brewery

If you’re a fan of the London beer scene you will have no doubt come across Mauritz Borg. He has worked in a number of seriously great beer London establishments including the Birdcage, Kings Arms, The Axe  and now works at The Kernel, a brewery that (in his own words) he has looked up to his entire career.


The London based pioneering craft brewery are famous for their Table beer, a low alcohol high flavour beer but they also brew some delicious  India Pale Ales, traditional dark beers & Belgian inspired sour beer.


Lockdown has taught me….


Professionally, the importance of having a webshop. Something that we never had before at The Kernel but it’s been a lifeline while bars (including our own) and distributors are unable to operate.


There are a lot of thankful customers who might live in more rural areas who previously had little regular access to our beer that can now get it directly to their doorstep.


Personally, it has taught me to savour experiences with friends even more than I ever did previously. To focus more in conversation and not take even the simplest things for granted.


The next time that I can legally hug someone, I think I might cry with joy. I think the lock-down and covid in general should be a wake-up call to many to appreciate the bars, restaurants, their workers and suppliers for creating the spaces to have great memorable experiences with friends and family!


Some of my favourite London products and places are…


Neal’s Yard Dairy  with their amazing selection of cheeses and friendly service. I’m allergic to cow’s milk but Cora Linn is a Scottish Sheeps milk cheese reminiscent of Manchego. A great hard cheese with a creamy, nutty and fruity flavour.


The Butchery Ltd for high quality, British native-breed meat, I bought a ribeye the other day and made the best rare steak I’ve ever had with Beenleigh Blue cheese melting on top. I get top notch sausages and mince from here too.


I’m primarily a beer guy but Ancestrel Wines for a glass of natural wine is a beautiful thing, I’m terrible with remembering the names of wines but Guillame and the crew always have the perfect recommendation.


The Ham and Cheese Co is another neighbour selling Italian cheese and salumi, I love making things with their nduja. I also buy guanciale or pancetta or heir aged pecorino and make myself a traditional carbonara. It goes great with a glass of orange wine from Ancestrel or one of our Kernal IPAs.


Shameless self-promotion till last…The Kernel Brewery  beer but at the moment it has to be our new Pils lager – bitter refreshing, hopped with Australian Ella hops, juicy with a hint of melon. I’m also absolutely in love with the current batch of Export India Porter. A cross between a porter and an IPA, great hop and malt aroma, delicious with Lucocoa Chocolate made in Rotherhithe.

Mauritz’s favourite London products & places

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