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Award winning craft brewery from Sitges who make great beer so that you can drink great beer. Offering a selection of Triple, Double, New England IPAs available in 12 packs.

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Order via their online store. Currently offering free delivery to Barcelona.


“We make great beer so you can drink great beer!”


Grahame Wylie | Co-owner and Head Brewer | Wylie Brewery, Sitges/Barcelona


The amazing gastronomic scene in Barcelona was one of the major factors that drew Graham and his wife to the Barcelona area over ten years ago. The city hasn’t disappointed, becoming one of the earliest and most influential adopters of the craft beer movement in Spain. We caught up with Graham to find out how the coronavirus lockdown has affected his business and him personally.


We had to very quickly switch from our business model of selling kegs, to a can-based online sales model, with personal delivery to our customers’ homes. For us it was adapt or die. We are a small craft brewery and wouldn’t have survived the cash flow disaster enforced by lockdown if we hadn’t.


In terms of challenges, I’ve discovered that work never stops if you have a computer and sourdough bread making is a temperamental beast. However my gardening green fingers are better than I thought. Also it’s amazing the fun you can have in your own home, accompanied by one of our double IPAs! But honestly, one of the hardest things has been not being able to hang out with our friends in the pub.


“We apply passion and wisdom to the making of exceptional hand-crafted beer. By drawing inspiration from the past and the present, we forge new and exciting flavours while retaining the authenticity of a truly great hand-crafted beer.”


I feel incredibly positive that Barcelona will bounce back in a short time. What’s really struck me through all this is how strong the community is, especially in the craft beer world. The support and camaraderie amongst brewers has been incredible and everyone has each other’s backs.


The future has never looked brighter for the small producers that have survived this. It’s like people have woken up and are turning the tide away from large corporations towards a more sustainable version of consumerism which supports local providers. This can only be a good thing for the craft beer industry and artisan food and drink producers as a whole. Certainly our passion for drinking the best beer that we can will ensure that we will keep brewing the best beer that we can.


It’s challenging right now but keep on keeping on. Be responsive and innovative in the light of your customers changing needs at this time and with passion you can surmount anything. Support your local brewery and local business.